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MIPS architecture - Wikipedia All MIPS I control flow instructions are followed by a branch delay slot. Unless the branch delay slot is filled by an instruction performing useful work, an nop is substituted. MIPS I branch instructions compare the contents of a GPR (rs) against zero or another GPR (rt) as signed integers and branch if the specified condition is true. MIPS jump and branch instructions range - Stack Overflow MIPS jump and branch instructions range. ... to any instruction in the same 256MB-range as the instruction in the delay slot). For the branch instructions there are 16 bits available to specify the target address. These are stored as signed offsets relative to the instruction following the branch instruction (again with two bits of shifting ... assembly - Delayed Branching in MIPS - Stack Overflow Delayed Branching in MIPS. ... My guess would be to move the lw instruction after the branch instruction since (as far as I understand) the instruction in the delay slot is always executed. Then again, I don't quite understand this subject and I would appreciate an explination. I understand pipelining in general, but not so much delayed branching. assembly - How to turn off MIPS-GCC automatic instruction ...

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Pipeline Control Hazards and Instruction Variations • i.e. next PC is not known until 2 cycles afterbranch/jump Delay Slot • ISA says N instructions after branch/jump always executed –MIPS has 1 branch delay slot Stall (+ Zap) • prevent PC update • clear IF/ID pipeline register –instruction just fetched might be wrong one, so convert to nop

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To my knowledge, this is not legal. All of the available MIPS documentation that I have read state that the instruction directly following any branch/jump instruction is treated as a jump delay slot, whose instruction is always (except for the branch-likely class of instructions) executed before the actual jump is performed.

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MIPS instruction set and v8 · v8mips/v8mips Wiki · GitHub There are a few unique characteristics to the mips instruction set and ABI, and these have had significant effect on our implementation of v8 for mips. Some of these are significant architectural features, while others are just small implementation details. All info is kept in the register set ... MIPS - cl.cam.ac.uk There are 10 branch instructions: BEQ, BNE, BLEZ, BGEZ, BLTZ, BGTZ, J, JAL, JR and JALR. These all update the pc. The MIPS makes use of a branch delay slot to remove the need to flush the pipeline when a branch is taken. In other words, the instruction immediately following a branch will alwaysbeexecutedregardlessof whetherthebranch is takenor ... [PATCH] [MIPS] Fix wrong instruction in the delay slot